Our Values

Uniting together as a team, here at Conscires, we came together to collaborate and discuss the values that are most important to us.

Our focus will be to…

Actively Give Because We Care: 2016 is the Year to implement innovative ways to give back and support the growth of the Agile community.

We Commit To Care And Excellence: Your Agile & Scrum journey does not end after training. We will be there to support and aid our customers along their path.

We Love Feedback!: Hearing back from our community, and identifying what can be improved upon is an asset to our continued growth.

Listening To Our Customers is key to providing us with different perspectives that will only better our footprint in the Agile & Scrum Community.

Be There And Do It Well: We are dedicated to our customers by providing high quality trainers who encourage and inspire.

We Practice Proactive Innovation: At Conscires we are always collaborating to come up with new, breakthrough ideas. This past holiday season Conscires, along with our customer’s help, were able to donate to six charities. And in doing so, learned how important it is to give back.