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Testimonials for Conscires Agile Practices Trainers

Pay it Forward Program

“…You’ll love the all inclusive ‘Pay it forward’ training model.”—Steven P.

“…Conscires’ “pay it forward” philosophy is as inspirational as Bachan Anand. Thanks so much!”—Mary T. M.

“I attended the “Pay It Forward” Agile Scrum one-day class provided by Conscires. This was a “free” class with opportunity to donate to defray expenses. In no way was this class or Lisa’s training in Agile Scrum less than top notch…”—Rodney T. B.


Lisa Montaño, Agile Coach and Trainer

“Lisa presented the SCRUM process in one day: Effective, Efficient and Enjoyable. I recommend her teaching.” —Patrick M.

“I attended the “Pay It Forward” Agile Scrum one-day class provided by Conscires. This was a “free” class with opportunity to donate to defray expenses. In no way was this class or Lisa’s training in Agile Scrum less than top notch. The class was highly interactive in the Agile way, plus the steps and processes were all illustrated by schedule, burn down chart, and other story boarding on the walls. Lisa put it all together for me, and I know I’m headed for Scrum Master certification…if possible with Conscires Agile Practices. Great job Lisa, and Conscires!”—Rodney T. B.

“I attended a class on Agile that Lisa taught recently. She provided an incredible learning environment, using Agile tools throughout so that the concepts were not only presented in a didactic form but experienced as well. Never boring, Lisa is light-hearted and passionate about her work. She understands how to teach a class full of people with varying levels of knowledge in such a way that all participants were able to learn something new. I highly recommend Lisa as an instructor/presenter and would not hesitate to take another class from her.”—Pamela H.

“Lisa provided a SCRUM training in the greater Seattle area that was excellent. Her approach worked well for all levels of knowledge and with a diverse attendee group. She easily explained concepts and then demonstrated those concepts so the knowledge being learned was integrated on all NLP levels. Despite the technical nature of the training she made it fun, interesting, and interactive. I highly recommend her for any of your training needs as well as SCRUM Master needs.”—Mary B.


Sameer Bendre, Agile Coach and Trainer

“I participated in Sameer’s Agile training course recently and was very happy with the insight. I have 25+ years of experience in project management , but I’m new to Agile and find this to be a great new approach, particularly in this economy. Sameer is extremely friendly personable, and knowledgable about the Agile methodology. It’s hard to convert after 25 years, but I think Sameer made a believer out of me. I highly recommend Sameer as a trainer and consultant and would love to work with him on projects. Highest Marks for Sameer Bendre !!”—Tim H.

“As a Scrum Master, Sameer exemplified it’s true definition of being a Servant Leader. He facilitated sprints with deep insight of available resources and talents on the team. He is a true practitioner of Scrum principles. Sameer always being Agile, has an aura of leading the projects from the front, may it be daily stand-ups or defects resolution. To top it off, his training through Conscires Agile Practices was a massive opportunity for me to learn from the Guru in the making. If/when the opportunity arises, I would love to be part of his team. Sameer, you ROCK…literally!”—Jignesh S.

“I was most fortunate to meet Sameer while taking an Agile class. He was the instructor and aptly brought the entire class to an understanding of this great project methodology. His subject knowledge, presentation skills, and insight into teaching techniques persuasively brought resistant minds to embrace Agile as a viable and efficient way to implement projects. Sameer skillfully draws and maintains the audience interest while ultimately meeting learning objectives.”—Lucia D.

“I enjoyed the Agile Practices workshop that was facilitated by Sameer. He did an excellent job at describing the attributes of Agile/Scrum methodologies throughout the course. Sameer definitely possessed detailed knowledge of Agile/Scrum principals and was able to contrast it effectively against PMI methodologies.”—Leroy B.

Bachan Anand, Founder of Conscires Agile Practices and an Agile Coach

“I attended a Scrum training session provided by Bachan in Boston and loved it! I came away with a new appreciation for Scrum and many real-world tips. Not only does Bachan know the subject matter inside-out, he’s able to get the class to collaborate and participate in the process. I’ll be back for more!”—Emmannuel P.

“I participated in the Agile Values & Foundation one day training course conducted by Bachan Anand. Bachan was able to provide a thorough insight on the subject as well as some handouts that are very helpful in my day to day task. Training was affordable and Bachan delivered even more than what I expected while enrolling for the training.” —Saibhaskar L.

“Bachan did an excellent training on Scrum methods. This day-long workshop flew by, as he kept the class lively, interesting and applicable. He struck a good balance between keeping people on task and allowing the class to explore class topics in depth. I highly recommend him for any Scrum training. You won’t be disappointed!”—Tara W.

“Bachan and his team delivered an excellent day-long seminar in the true Agile/Scrum fashion. For someone like myself who had only brief academic exposure to Agile, I left the seminar at the end of the day with a solid understanding, ready to discuss it, debate it, and apply it. Bachan and his team’s approach forced interaction between all participants. None of the activities were frivilious or contrived – they drove home very simple points and concepts of Agile/Scrum. I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone who was new to Agile or needed a refresher.”—Daniel G.

“I am currently a Senior IT level executive / CIO. I was interested in getting a better understanding of the Agile / Scrum development methodology. I recently had the opportunity to attend an Agile / Scrum training session that Bachan Anand conducted. The group was made up of a broad range of skills including developers, designers, project managers and senior managers. Bachan did an excellent job defining the overall scrum framework and ensuring that all the participants had a good understanding of the architecture. He used non-technical examples to facilitate a number of the discussions. Bachan not only does an excellent job at explaining the concepts but in addition brings in real work experience from his current assignments. At the completion of the session I really felt like I had a good understanding of the Scrum framework. I would highly recommend any class given by Bachan Anand.”—Robert G.


Carlton Nettleton, Certified Scrum Trainer

“Carlton is an excellent instructor. I tell everyone how fantastic the course is!”

“Perfection: knows the content, uses good tools & techniques to deliver & adapts & learns.”

“Very knowledable, engaging, personable and enthusiastic. I feel prepared to step into a ScrumMaster role!”

“Great subject matter, knowledgable, great teacher, demonstrated the values and principles of Scrum during instruction”.

“Never got bored. Carlton changed up the format, location, activity types and had a good balance between presenting vs. discussing.”

“Not using Powerpoint was excellent. The course continually kept my attention with live demos and participation.”

“Carlton seemed to be aware when people became distracted and adpet at bringing people back.”

“I loved how unconventional it was. I wish the class was longer.”


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