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Supporting Non Profit Organizations

Hope this note finds you in great spirit.

I am making myself available  for supporting agile / scrum to support a Non – Profits full time for the month of April. I’m experienced in implementing Agile in large enterprise and I am passionate about using Agile principles and practices for social causes.

Areas that  I am available for service are:

  • Work directly with a non profit to help them achieve better success and organization by using Agile, Scrum, and Open Space.
  • Collaborate with another coach who is already working with a non profit.
  • Participate or co – train a Scrum for Non Profit / Welfare CSM Training
  • Organize a Train the Trainer class if there are other people interested in  training non Profits and need some initial direction.
  • I am open to traveling any part of the county and I am not expecting any compensation other than travel expenses.

How you can support me:

  • Provide me lead on organization who would be interested in the areas mentioned above.
  • Give me others ideas on how I can be of service.
  • Share how you would like to  participate.