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We offer four different services to our clients: Assessment, Coaching, Consulting and Training.


Conscires Services - Assessments

The first one is for an Assessment of your company to find out the best approach for Agile adoption that is specific to your needs.

  • 1 – 2 week duration and 1 – 2 people from Conscires assessment team will work closely with the leadership and teams
  • Analyzes key aspects of your company’s software development cycle
  • Proposes an approach and adoption road map based on value and add company purpose
  • Let your organization choose the approach you want to take for adoption
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Agile Coaching and Mentoring

Agile Coaching Mentoring

We also offer Agile Coaching and Mentoring throughout your Agile adoption, to ensure that your team has the support that they need.

  • Support throughout your Agile adoption phase
  • Work closely with the management and the team
  • Facilitates Agile adoption and mentoring of team members
  • Coaches internal members so they can continue to spread Agile values
  • Three-to-six months engagement based on your Agile adoption road map
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Agile Consulting

Agile Consulting

If your team is already adopting Agile, but you want support in problem solving key areas, we offer Consulting service based on your needs.

  • Supplement the team with support on Agile Engineering practices
  • Expertise in TDD, Automated Function Testing
  • Support with Configuring Tools ( Agile Lifecycle Management tools)
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Agile Training & Workshop

Agile Training

We also facilitate regular training and workshops, which can also be customized and delivered on site.

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