Certified Scrum Master Training By Tobias Mayer
June 17-18, 2010

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Holiday Inn Orange County Airport
2726 South Grand Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92705

When: June 17- 18, 2010
9:00 am – 17:00 pm

Cost: $1050

Trainer: Tobias Mayer

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The Certified ScrumMaster Training (CSM) course consists of two days of presentation, group discussion and experiential/interactive exercises designed to effectively teach Scrum principles and practices. There are no powerpoint slides and the lecture aspect of the course is kept to a minimum. The value of Scrum comes from doing it, so the class focuses on action. At the end of the training the participants will have the confidence and understanding to begin to socialize Scrum at their own organization and support development teams in improving their processes.

Here is a quick synopsis of April CSM training conducted by Tobias.

Successful completion of a two-day ScrumMaster Certification course, taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer, is a requisite for taking the Certified ScrumMaster exam. Upon completion of the course, attendees are eligible to take the exam, the successful completion of which results in the designation of “Certified ScrumMaster” from the Scrum Alliance.

* Attendees of this training are eligible to earn 14 PDUs toward PMI certification.

Course Outline

This two-day course teaches the principles and practices that make ScrumMasters effective facilitators and productivity enhancers. The course itself uses the principles of Scrum, where the learning outcome is driven by the needs of the participants through a combination of expert instruction and self-directed learning. Opportunities to reflect and adapt the direction of the course are offered at regular intervals. At the end of the training the participants will have the confidence and understanding to begin to socialize Scrum at their own organization and support development teams in improving their processes.

The following elements will be covered during the two days

* Scrum in Practice: the course is designed to illustrate Scrum in action

* Essence of Scrum: values, principles and a new way of thinking

* Mechanics of Scrum: framework, roles, ceremonies, artifacts & flow

* Scrum Tools: prioritization, story writing, estimation, visual management, metrics

* ScrumMaster Skills: case studies and exercises to illustrate responsibilities and limitations of the ScrumMaster

Why CSM through us?

We acknowledge that for most of you CSM is just the beginning of your Agile journey. In order to support  your Agile journey we offer the following for attendees of the CSM course:

  • 3 follow-up sessions on topics you want to explore in detail on topics like  Estimation and planning, Distributed Scrum, and User Stories.
  • FREE 2 day assessment for your organization on where you are with your Agile journey to meet your goals and provide recommendation based on the findings.
  • Our trainers have a unique style of conducting the Scrum training using Scrum practices and principles so you will actually experience, first-hand, all aspects of Scrum during the training. (watch video below for more details).
  • We offer discounted rates for anyone who is unemployed, and those working in non-IT fields.


Please read What is Scrum? by the Scrum Alliance and The Essence of Scrum by Tobias Mayer. Both are very short articles, but will set the context for the training.

10 Responses to Certified Scrum Master Training By Tobias Mayer
June 17-18, 2010


  1. Ruth Stracener says:

    I would like to register for the workshop on June 17-18 as part of the curriculum reviewers working with Michael De la Maza.

  2. Amit Lamba says:

    I have been practicing SCRUM for the last few years now. The training opened so many more knowledge areas for me and the hands on learning scenarios by Tobias were immensely helpful.

    If you are looking for quality SCRUM Master certification, this is the place to get it. You are immersed in hands on application of SCRUM which helps in understanding the framework better.

  3. Ingrid Sutherland says:

    I just completed the CSM training and am very pleased. Using Scrum to coordinate the flow of information/learning is brilliant.

    Tobias Mayer is very skilled at presenting the content and keeps things lively and entertaining, never missing a teachable/learning moment.

    The event itself was very well planned and ran extremely smoothly.

    Thanks to Bachan and Tobias, this was time and money well spent.

  4. Sripriya Kannan says:

    The CSM course itself is a SCRUM practice. The course was very lively and interactive. Thanks to Tobias

    Thanks to Bachan for organizing and co-ordinating the course.

  5. Ruth Stracener says:

    I felt that there were engaging and relevant activities that kept up good pace. The information was presented in a way that made it easy and fun to understand the connection between concepts and practice. With instant review of concepts and reflection the brain had a chance to make solid and lasting understanding, or know what to ask for clarification. The self organization requirement was my favorite as it becomes very clear that the best workers are ones that have a personal stake in the outcome. Can’t blame the boss or manager if it was the teams idea and choices in the first place. Brilliant!! I want to thank Tobias for the inspirational exercises in teambuilding and the entire team for the openness, positiveness and excitment that provided a great learning environment. I will take several lessons with me in my pursiut of Scum practices.

  6. Partha Balakrishnan says:

    Good training methodology, interactive sessions & team activities based on SCRUM foundation was very helpful.

    Thank to Tobais and Bachan for making the course so much fun as well as informative.

  7. I have practiced Agile based software development at a few companies and have been reading about Scrum for around two years. I finally signed up for this class and couldn’t be happier with my choice.

    Tobias was a great instructor and his passion comes through in his teaching methods as well as his interaction with students, interactive content, and sound explanations of the concepts. It is easy to understand why he is so revered within the Scrum and Agile community.

    Bachan was very attentive in meeting the needs of the students and communicating with us throughout.

    Thanks to Tobias and Bachan for an awesome class that is so valuable and well worth the time and effort.

  8. Gabe Moothart says:

    The Scrum Master training with Tobias and Bachan was great. It was very hands-on and interactive, very informative, and it gave me lots of ideas to take back to work and try to implement.

  9. Helen de la Maza says:

    Tobias was an excellent facilitator and taught us Scrum through Scrum; the best way to learn content, in my opinion.

    The very last activity (counting 1 – 20) was a great activity, but I don’t think it was worthy of being the culminating one after such a rich two day experience. I think each of us sharing something we got out of the training, or how we would change our perspective, or what we looked forward to implementing would have been a better conclusion. And – a group hug! 🙂

  10. Tobias Mayer says:

    Hi Helen,
    How about you all add a comment here along those lines? Say how your perspective has changed, or how you will implement what you learned. And let’s plan a reunion for that lost group hug 😉

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