Building great teams. Delivering great value.

Our Company’s Purpose


To transform organizations through collaboration within and between organizations.


Building successful organizations through empowering people and lightweight process.


Conscires mission is to create transparent and collaborative organizations where employees are empowered to make their own decisions and take ownership for their work.   This environment will improve the overall morale of the company and boost productivity.  It starts with coaching the managers to become better leaders and reducing the noise that causes competing priorities and distractions to allow these leaders to set clear goals that can easily be followed by the team.

Conscires philanthropic core reaches out to the community, creating a free space for Entrepreneurs to meet, hosting events within the agile community, and offering variable pricing depending on each person’s or company’s circumstance.

Conscires plans to create such work environments by spreading Agile/Scrum methodology to individuals and companies through scrum training, coaching, providing company assessments and consulting.


We are passionate about making a positive difference in individuals by giving space for their creativity to be expressed and nurturing people to live their passion to build successful organizations.