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Interactive Online Agile & Scrum Training – Values, foundations and practices

This interactive 2-hour webinar, “Introduction to Scrum-Agile “, covers the rationale for Agile/Scrum, along with an overview of roles, meetings, and artifacts. Thereby giving the participants an understanding of the benefits of adopting Scrum Principles and Values in an organization.

When: October 26th, 2016, 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM (PST)
Presenter: Bachan Anand

This interactive online ‘Introduction to Scrum’ will cover the following aspects of Agile & Scrum.

* Understanding of the Agile Manifesto and what it means to them.
* Essence of Scrum: values, foundations and a new way of thinking.
* Understanding how Scrum values and foundations are related to the practices.
* Interactive activities that demonstrates the value of relative estimation.
* Scrum Roles in detail and chance for participants to map existing roles to Scrum roles.
* Get a sense of what self-organization is (and is not).

Having a audio device with a microphone or dial into a US phone # is necessary for attending this training .Once you register online , we will send you the link and intruction to join the training .

Video conference is important for attending this training due to its interactive nature.

Testimonials from past attendees ::

“Bachan’s trainings are very precise, personable and well spread. Within the given timeframe he not only covers the concepts very well, but makes the sessions very interactive. Coming with excellent knowledge base, I definitely would recommend his training classes to understand and get a feel of what Agile is all about. Awesome!

-Shilpa Patil,Development Lead. Attended Online Training on August 5th

About your Instructor:

Bachan Anand is an Agile Coach and the founder of Conscires Agile Practices. He brings the vision to support others building successful organizations through the empowerment of people and lightweight processes.

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