FAQs for India Training

Agile? Scrum? Why are they important to me?

Agile and Scrum are gaining widespread acceptance in the software community, for their capability in handling uncertainties during project development. Software development lifecycle involves constantly changing priorities and unpredictable variants that can be well contained and managed using Agile principles.

OK. So what benefits are your training going to offer me?

Our training provides insight into how Agile and Scrum can be efficiently used.
If you are new to Scrum, this workshop will demonstrate how Scrum can be effective in handling Software projects.
If you have adopted Scrum and faced issues, this workshop will help to clear your doubts and improve your implementation. The course is designed to follow the principles of Agile so that you get a hands-on experience on every aspect of Scrum.

Why should I choose the training offered by Conscires?

Conscires specializes in coaching organizations and individuals in Scrum values, principles and practices. We offer trainings in cities across the US, and are now expanding our reach to other countries including India and the UK. We also offer trainings as pay-it-forward / donation-only, to help people in transition. We are passionate about helping organizations build successful teams.

Tell me more about the trainer. How qualified is he?

Bachan Anand has over ten years’ experience in Software Development and has performed various roles in his career including that of a Consultant, Architect, and Development Manager. For the past two years, he has been coaching teams and guiding them in embracing the Agile way of life. Bachan holds CSM and CSP certifications from Scrum Alliance.

What do you mean by 8PDUs? How and where can I use them?

You can find information about PDUs at the PMI web page – http://www.pmi.org/GLOBALS/~/media/Files/PDF/Certification/PDU%20CategStructure_Final.ashx or click here to download the PDF file. (http://agile.conscires.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/PDU-CategStructure_Final.ashx_.pdf)
According to the PMP handbook: ‘Contact hours of project and/or program management education may be earned by attending relevant educational courses offered by organizations not registered with PMI. To calculate the number of PDUs earned, use the following formula: one contact hour of learning relevant to project and/or program management within a structured activity or course equals one PDU. Documentation required upon PMI audit/request: registration form, certificate or letter of attendance, and a brochure or course materials outlining the subject matter covered and the qualifications of the instructor/lecturer.’ Most CSTs can tell you how many PDUs their course offers.

Who Should attend this training?

1. Anyone new to Agile and Scrum.
2. Anyone who knows about Agile and Scrum, but has questions on how to adopt Agile for their organization.
3. Anyone who has adopted Agile but need guidance and help on improving the way they work.

I am interested enough. How do I register? How do I make the payment?

Thank you. Here is the link to register: http://agile.conscires.com/1-day-agile-scrum-training-bangalore-01/#register. Select the number of persons attending, from the drop down and click ‘Register’. You will be taken to the DoAttend site where you can fill in the required details and complete the payment. You are now registered for the program! Register early to get the early bird benefits and register with friends to get the group discount. You can contact us at agile@conscires.com if you have any issues.

We regularly conduct online trainings and webinars on different topics related to Scrum. If you are interested, please check this link and register for the program of your choice: http://agile.conscires.com/event-schedule/. If you wish to register for some of our other trainings, you could check this link: http://agile.conscires.com/csm-training/

I’ve a problem with online payment. Can I pay you directly? Are there any such options?

Certainly. We have offline payment options like cheque and direct transfer to bank. In case you wish to make use of any of these payment methods, please contact us at agile@conscires.com and we’ll inform you the details to make the transfer or address the cheque.
Please note that these payments need to be realized before the training, so that Conscires can get an idea of the number of confirmed attendees and make necessary arrangements.

Are there any discounts?

Yes – there are super early bird & early bird discounts and also group discounts. Check the site http://agile.conscires.com/1-day-agile-scrum-training-bangalore-01/ to see which of the early bird offers are now running. Group discount (Rs1000/ off per person) can be used if four or more people are attending the training.

I would like to bring a few of my friends along. Do you offer any group discounts?

We certainly do. If 4 or more people register together, each person gets Rs1000/ off on the regular price.

Can I cancel my registration? Will I get a refund?

Sorry, currently we do not offer refund if you cancel your registration. However if the training gets canceled for reasons on our side, you will certainly get your money back.

Do you provide food during the one-day course?

We provide tea and snacks.

Do I get a certificate after the training?

Yes, we provide the Conscires Certificate of participation for having attended the 1-day workshop on Scrum – values, foundations and practices.

Do I need to pass a test to receive my certificate?

For this one-day training, no. If you attend this training, you receive a certificate of participation. If you’re looking at certifications like CSM, CSPO etc. you need to pass the assessments by Scrum Alliance, to get certified. Our CSM trainings offer the necessary guidance to help you pass these exams. Here are the details on our CSM trainings: http://agile.conscires.com/csm-training/

Do you share the presentation materials after the training?

Yes, you will receive the soft copy of the presentation materials after the training.

When I can I start implementing what I learnt in this training?

Right-away! The course will give you first hand experience on Scrum principles. At the end of the training you’re ready to put it into practice.

How can I take it forward? What next?

You can start implementing the lessons in your project team. You can also attend further trainings or webinars on advanced topics if you wish to sharpen your knowledge in those areas.
You could attend Certification programs like Certified ScrumMaster training, Certified Product Owner training and get certified by Scrum Alliance. Conscires is planning to conduct a CSM training program in 2012. Look out for the details!
If there are specific topics you wish to learn more about, you could mail us at agile@conscires.com and we will be happy to schedule a webinar on the topic!

What are the other trainings you have planned in India?

We regularly conduct webinars on different topics related to Scrum, at timings convenient to people in India. Do check this link to get updated information on these events: http://agile.conscires.com/upcoming-trainings-events-in-india/
We also plan to conduct a CSM training program in 2012, the details of which will be announced later.
If there are specific topics you wish to learn more about, you could mail us at agile@conscires.com and we will be happy to schedule a webinar on the topic!

If I want to know more about specific topics in Agile and Scrum, where should I go?

After the one-day training, we will be providing reading resources and material for you to deep dive into Scrum. Conscires is always happy to quench your thirst for knowledge. You could drop a mail to agile@conscires.com with your queries or topics you would like to learn, and we may schedule a webinar or arrange a training!

Do you offer in-house / private training? What about customized courses?

We offer four different types of services: Assessment, Coaching, Consulting and Training. You can read more about it here: http://agile.conscires.com/services/

For any further queries, Send us an email or use the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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