Conscires 2015 Pay it Forward Program

Conscires Agile Practices is now a 5 year old organization primary focused on Agile & Scrum trainings and implementation. Our journey has been one of growth, learning, and discovery, and we are filled with much gratitude towards organizations and individuals who have helped us thrive. As a way to give back to the community, we have decided to hold several FREE trainings and coaching sessions for teams and companies*. These trainings can be for those who would like to start using Scrum in their organizations and/or adopters of Scrum who need further guidance.

We are going to hold these sessions for rest of 2015 from September to December 2015.

 Trainings & Coaching available:

  1. Two-day Agile & Scrum in Action training
  2. One-day Agile & Scrum Basics
  3. Onsite 1 day coaching.
  4. Onsite 2 day coaching
  5. Onsite 2 day assessment

How to apply for the Program

  1. E-mail us at, or
  2. Call us on +1-949-232-8900, or
  3. Fill the “Request a Training” form available on Website (Right Side Floating Navigation Link)
  4. Availability is limited.
  5. We will get back to you with suitable time to have a telephonic discussion of the schedule and your requirements.

* Terms and conditions 

  1. There will be NO training or coaching fees that the client needs to pay.
  2. Client however will be responsible for travel expenses and training materials.
  3. One client can choose one of the 5 available Training & Coaching options listed above.
  4. Travel expenses needs to be paid at the time of confirming the dates.

Availability & Schedule



Testimonials & feedback from Conscires clients. 

“Before attending the seminar I thought I understood Scrum but I was wrong. Bachan took us thru the methodology and more important took a deep dive into the roles and responsibilities involved with Scrum. This truly was valuable for me as I had a very vague understanding of the Scrum Masters and Product Owners true roles. Excellent experience I highly recommend attending to anyone who is considering Agile and Scrum for their business, you will come out of the seminar really understanding the principals and how they really work.” October 21, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Susan Kuehn, MBA PMP hired Bachan as a Business Consultant in 2012

“I recently attended Bachan Anand’s Agile and Scrum training. The training was quite effective. The content presented was very good and included theory and principles as well as practical examples and applications. Also, content was presented well and in varied ways that reinforced the material and made staying engage easy. His deliver was also quite often fun.”January 30, 2013

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

John Criswell, PMP hired Bachan as a Consultant and Trainer in 2013

“Scrum has been very successful within my organization and I have to give Bachan many thanks for helping us transition from waterfall to scrum. If you’re looking for a fresh, new approach to successfully implementing projects and looking to create a team of motivated and empowered individuals, I highly recommend Bachan to help kick off this endeavor.  You’ll see immediate benefits – at the project level but more importantly at the team level. It’s a win-win all around!

-Amber S, Senior Project Manager  

“Bachan and his team helped us implement Scrum at Source Scientific. Our development environment has software, hardware and electronics working together to design complex medical instruments. We include all groups with our Scrum practice, not just software.

He was engaged with us right from the initial training to implementing it with the teams and continued coaching us when we ran into challenges. Bachan was effective in working with senior leadership and our development teams, and that went a long way in our successful adoption of Scrum. We have now been using Scrum here in all of our development teams for almost 2 years and could not think of going back to what life was like without it. I would recommend Bachan to anyone who is seriously considering implementing Agile & Scrum in their organization. The benefits in your organization in terms of productivity, teamwork and better communication will be amazing.”

 Bruce Sargeant, CEO, Source Scientific