Comparing Pay it Forward and Certified ScrumMaster Agile & Scrum Workshop

Pay it Forward Agile & Scrum Training
Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) Training


  • Conscires Agile Practices guarantees quality in the spirit of its unique Pay it Forward Program. Read what past attendees have had to say about this class.

  • We are working on creating a peer-rated exam/evaluation system where attendees would receive certification based on a demonstrated understanding and interest in Scrum.

  • The certification is given by Scrum Alliance based on a multiple-choice, open-book exam. Scrum Alliance has the intention to make this a pass-fail exam in the near future.

  • US $195-275

  • There is the pay-it-forward/donation option, where participants have the option of choosing how much they pay. The minimum suggested donation amount is US $95.

  • US $1100-1300 (includes certification)

  • For those who are in transition, there is an option of special pricing.

  • Group discounts are available.

    • Scrum framework, scrum roles, scrum meetings, scrum artifacts, comparison of existing scrum roles, and scrum simulation (optional).

    • Scrum framework, scrum roles, scrum meetings, scrum artifacts, and scrum simulation (optional). As this class is focused on grooming ScrumMasters, there will also be a deep dive into the role of a ScrumMaster.
    • Business analysts, project managers, developers, testers, managers, directors.

    • Team members who will be a part of the Scrum team.

    • People outside the software industry. (Although Scrum was originally created for the software world, its simple and wide applicability has appealed to many in other industries).

    • Those who want to explore Agile and Scrum, but are unsure of what it is.

    • Project managers and existing development / team leaders.

    • Suitable for those who are keen on becoming ScrumMasters.

    • Trainers have a minimum of 2 years of experience with Scrum.

    • The unique Pay it Forward Program, where participants choose how much they want to pay, enables many who could otherwise have not attended this class, to attend and benefit from it. Many of our trainers choose to train for Conscires Agile Practices because of this highly noble cause.

    • Our trainers also have the willingness to share the benefits that Scrum has created in their work and personal lives.
    • Trainers have a minimum of 3 years of experience with Scrum.

    • They have received Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) certification from Scrum Alliance.

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