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Assessment For An Agile Adoption

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If your organization is considering Agile adoption and pondering over how to go about it, look no further. Our Agile Adoption Assessment Service provides you with an insight into the most effective approach specific to your needs, and helps arrive at a roadmap for seamlessly inducting Agile into your framework.

To ascertain the best approach for Agile adoption in any kind of  organization, it is essential to first identify the requirements and the potential challenges. Conscires provides a thorough assessment package that explores the premise and makes recommendations for Agile adoption.


Agile Adoption Assessment is an activity that spans one or two days at the organization, and an assessment report will be made available within a week.


Conscires works closely with the organizational leadership, teams and stakeholders, conducts a series of interviews, analyzes the key aspects of product development cycle and summarizes the observations and recommendations into two sections:

1. Communication and Relationships

  • Team
  • Leadership
  • Socialization

2. Practices

  • Framework
  • Engineering Practices

Assessment Report

At the end of the assessment, the following documents are provided:

  • Agile readiness results
  • Detailed roadmap for Agile adoption (including training and coaching recommendations) for three months
  • High level Agile adoption vision for six months

The assessment report is developed in collaboration with the customer, and includes:

  • Input on key challenges and recommendations based on observation and discussion
  • Key opportunities to produce maximum value to the organization
  • Timeline diagram with key milestones for improved results

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