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Many organizations that are not pursuing Agile, are aware of the advantages Agile can provide to their product development lifecycle and the organization as a whole, but refrain from making the switch. Their concerns arise from the absence of a proper support system in case the transition is not smooth, and the fear that mere knowledge of theory may not suffice in the actual implementation. If your organization is looking for successful Agile adoption but is unsure how to proceed, our Agile Coaching and Mentoring package is for you.


Experienced coaches from Conscires remain at the company site for the first six months, molding the Agile methodology to the company’s specific needs. The duration to complete coaching / mentoring may vary from three to six months, based on your Agile adoption road map.


Our typical goal is to coach an organization only through the first six months of Agile adoption. The preferred approach starts with a single pilot team that is intensively coached through the first two sprints. At that point, it is time to start recruiting Agile champions and shadow coaches.

Shadow Coaching:
The Conscires model of Agile adoption is designed to produce a sustainable Agile environment. To truly attain sustainability, permanent Agile coaches will need to come from within the adopting organization. To train and transition these coaches, we use “shadow coaching.” Agile champions are slowly transitioned from observers into leaders and facilitators capable of training new team members and successfully monitoring the process.

Coaching starts with a small group within a company to prove success, and then expands to the larger group. Contact us to explore which coaching option is best suited for your organizations.

Coaching Packages

Agile Immersion Package

  • Team is immersed in Agile values and Scrum practices, with the focus on experiencing Scrum instead of just learning Scrum.
  • Train one team in Agile values and principles
  • Support during the initial sprint, subsequent sprints with less involvement
  • Provide feedback and recommendations

~ 50 hours of coaching, 4 – 6 weeks in length

Internalizing Agile Package

  • Discover values in Agile specific to your organization and decide if a wider Agile adoption is feasible.
  • Train one team in Agile values and principles
  • Support during the first two sprints, subsequent sprints with less involvement
  • Experience and apply Scrum in a way both specific to your organizational needs and value driven
  • Train ScrumMasters and Product Owners

~75 hours of coaching, 6 – 8 weeks in length

Enterprise Adoption Package

  • Fully support your organization in agile adoption.
  • Everything from Immersion and Internalizing Packages
  • Help and guidance in Enterprise Adoption Planning
  • Support with Release Planning
  • Identification of engineering practices (eg. XP Practices, Pair Programming, and Automated Testing) that can be incorporated to improve product development quality

~100 hours of coaching, 8 – 12 weeks in length

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