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We  believe that we can make our work places and our work life one that is fulfilling, of purpose and excitement to create successful organizations. Our purpose is to practice  and socialize this, and bring people together to dream and believe that WORK can be a lot more fun than perceived, irrespective of whether we […]

Do we use our talents and purpose at work – Sir Ken Robinson

In this inspiring TED talk Sir Ken Robinson talks about how we need to start a revolution in our education system to change the linear and fast food type of mass college education to an organic system that helps the next generation evolve and find their purpose at what they do in their grown up […]

How great leaders inspire action

What makes your vision successful and inspire other people to be part of your vision? In this inspiring and meaningful TED talk ,  Simon Sinek talk about why it is important to focus and communicate WHY we do things instead to communicating what we are doing to inspire people to be part of our dream […]

Why are IT people not highly engaged in their jobs?

We have been doing some research on what makes a work place successful, exciting and at the same time, keeps everyone engaged. We started researching what makes work not so much fun and we came across some amazing facts about job satisfaction of people in  IT. Results from studies sponsored by Oracle and Intel shows […]