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Agile Conference :: Day 1

Wanted to share with everyone my experience  at conference yesterday. I attended a session on  Agile Coaching by Lyssa Adkins. She gave some very good tips on how coaches and leaders can best support the team. For me the main take away was it is very important to believe in the team and I can […]

Lunch and learing – Shairing your lessons(L’nL)

Our team is 6 weeks into practising agile and based on guidance from our coach we decided to have lunch and learn sessions within our team and other teams in the organization . This is the lessons learnt from the L’nL 1. We have a lot to share with other teams. 2. We learn during […]

ABC’s Of scrum

First week and Sprint Planning meeting

We have started with the first Sprint team at our organization . Started off with the Sprint planning meeting on 08/20 where we reviewed the Product Backlog with the business . It was a 4 hour meeting and reviewed in depth the backlog and the team picked up few items from the backlog  after voiting […]