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Agile Project Management training using Scrum in Austin, TX– 8 PDUs (April 17, 2017)

When: April 17, 2017 8.00 AM – 5:00 PM

Where: Comfort Suites Austin Airport,7501 East Ben White Blvd
                 Austin, TX 78741

Instructor: Bachan Anand

Course Outline

This 1-day course provides a detailed look into the mechanics, roles, and principles of product development using Scrum. If you are a Project Manager or a team member, you will find this
course useful to understand what Scrum is all about, and to implement it in your organization.

The course itself uses the principles of Scrum. Come prepared to participate and interact with the central concepts of Scrum including the principles behind Agile project management,
prioritization, running a sprint, scrum artifacts, and communication and transparency in Agile organizations.

Also learn about:

The Scrum Meetings: the daily stand-up meeting, Sprint Review meeting and Sprint Retrospective meeting, the Agenda of the Retrospective Meeting, the different ways of doing Retrospectives,

Challenges of Agile Project Management in a distributed team, Rhythm, Self-organization,Time-boxing,

The Importance of Product Visioning 

Maintaining the Product Backlog

Problems that could arise in Scrum adaptation

… and much more!


The following elements will be covered during the one day course

You’ve been hearing the lingo – Time-boxing, Product Backlog Grooming, Retrospectives,Potentially Shippable Product, Self-organization, the Daily Scrum – the list goes on…but what do these ideas really mean and why do they matter to you?

Attend this course to understand the Scrum jargon and to learn how to apply Scrum in software and non-software projects.

At the end of the training the participants will have the confidence and understanding to begin to socialize Scrum at their own organization and support teams in improving their processes.
You will earn 8 PDUs from this course, and you will also receive a certificate of participation from Conscires Agile Practices.

About the Instructor

Bachan Anand is an Agile Coach and the founder of Conscires Agile Practices. He brings the vision to support others building successful organizations through the empowerment of people and lightweight processes.
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