Instructor Profiles

Bachan Anand

As the Founder of Conscires Agile Practices, Bachan has the vision to support the creation of successful organizations through people-empowerment and lightweight processes. He works with senior leadership teams to use Scrum for strategic planning and execution and firmly believes in the applicability of the Scrum approach to teams beyond software and IT.

He has spearheaded the Pay it Forward/ Donation Only Program at Conscires, where attendees quote their own price to attend a course.


Lisa Montaño

Lisa Montaño, MBA, CSM, CSPO is based in Southern California and has over 15 years experience in start-up and entrepreneurial companies working as a business analyst and functional lead. Beginning as a Product Owner in 2008, Lisa has continued her Scrum practice as a Scrum Coach and Trainer for Conscires. Lisa’s passion for Scrum lies in the focus on inspiring teams to deliver exceptional business value and to delight customers through collaboration, trust, and commitment across teams and organizations.

Lisa’s experience includes leading cross-functional teams to implement customized web interfaces, e-commerce capability, and workflow automation projects. Before joining Conscires in 2011, Lisa led multiple projects as the domain expert in accounting and operations for a $900-million privately held firm. Lisa’s skills include facilitation, business analysis, and strategic planning and management.

Lisa’s focus and goal at Conscires is to strengthen and enable Scrum teams through coaching and consulting, and to develop and support the South Orange County Scrum community with Pay It Forward forums on Scrum basics, ongoing topical series, and open space events.


Sameer Bendre

Sameer Bendre is an experienced IT consultant and is passionate about Agile. He has served on scrum teams in all roles –as team member, Scrum Master, and Product Owner. A certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM), he volunteers with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Atlanta Agile Interest Group as a Program Manager and PMI’s Agile Community of Practice as the Product Owner for the Knowledge Management team with a vision to make agility a reality in the project management world.

He has contributed as a lead reviewer for the book “Scrum in Action – Agile Software Project Management and Development” by Andrew Pham and Phuong-Van Pham.


Tobias Mayer/Agile Thinking

Tobias is an Agile Guide and Learning Facilitator from London, UK. He currently resides and works in the USA, with frequent trips to Europe. He has a background in software development, graphic design, theatre arts, and team/groupwork facilitation. He also has a keen mind, an anarchic edge, and a passion for corporate enlightenment.

Tobias currently works as a change agent, trainer, and facilitator, providing coaching and consulting services to teams and organizations making the transition to more agile, trustful, and team-centered ways of working. His current core focus is on the Scrum framework, offering both public and private training classes to explore the principles and practices of Scrum. He has developed a fast-moving and energizing style of “immersion training” for teams that provides an extremely high yield of knowledge for participants: knowledge that is not just learned, but embodied.

Tobias’ coaching work is essentially at a grass roots level within an organization, but more recently he has been exploring how the Scrum principles can be applied within the field of organizational development. He is interested in how management by consensus, and the qualities of self-organization, empiricism, and emergence can be used across the wider corporate culture to free the creative spirit and improve both human relationships and productivity.

Tobias’ Website

Manoj Vadakkan/ Vadakkan


Manoj Vadakkan is an Agile Coach, Trainer, and Consultant in the DC Metro area. He has about 20 years of experience in Software Development and Project Management. He is very active as a Leadership Team Member in the Agile Leadership Network DC Chapter and as a Co-founder and Organizer of the premier DC-area Agile conference: Agile DC. He teaches classes on Agile and Scrum in the United States and other parts of the world. He frequently presents at national and international conferences.

Manoj is passionate about the principles and values of Agile and Scrum. He is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Scrum Professional (CSP) and is also a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Manoj’s Website

Heitor Roriz Filho

Heitor Roriz Filho is an “agilero”. He currently works as an Agile Coach and Trainer worldwide and is based in Sao Paulo. He is a writer, speaker, and trainer in the area of Technology Management. He has been dealing with Agile since 2004 and in addition to speaking about Agile/Scrum, Six Sigma, and PMI at conferences, he is the Founder Activist of the ScrumAmazonia user group.

Heitor is passionate about Agile and Scrum and is very interested in Agile Leadership and Agile Project Management as levers of improving our ways of work.

Carlton Nettleton / Look Forward Consulting

Carlton Nettleton, is an Agile software development coach, consultant and, thought-leader in the San Diego County. He provides advice, mentoring, and training to teams and programs looking to better software quality, improve productivity, build great teams, and apply Lean Thinking to software projects.

He has over ten years of experience with software development as a contributor, facilitator, and leader.

He is a Certified Scrum Trainer and has been practicing Scrum since 2005.

Carlton’s Website


Alan Cyment

Alan Cyment loves seeing software development from a human perspective. He strives for honest, passion-driven, great-but-not-perfect emergent design. For software for humans, rather than machines; looking people in the eyes, rather than reading e-mail.

He organized the first open CSM certification in Latin America in 2006, created the largest, most active agile-software related discussion group in Spanish, and is currently co-organizing the first all-agile Latin American conference, to take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in October 2008.

Alan is currently the only native Spanish-speaking CST in the world, and is continually aiming at expanding the frontiers of Scrum, especially in countries where agility is finding it hard to make its way forward.

Alan’s Website

Karen Greaves / Growing Agile

I have spent my entire career in software development in various roles, but only truly felt comfortable when I discovered eXtreme Programming in 2002. In 2008 I rolled out Scrum to a team of over 80 people and became a Scrum evangelist. Over the last few years I have had hands on experience in various agile roles including, scrum master, product owner, scrum coach and manager. This experience has grown me as a coach and as a trainer.

My passion lies in helping people realize their full potential. As an active member of the South African Scrum User Group I have helped bring many international agile experts to South Africa. I have also presented at several agile conferences around the world. I believe in living life to the fullest, a hedonist in my free time, enjoying good food and fine wine with my husband and indulging in my guilty pleasure of xbox gaming.

Karen’s website

Sam Laing / Growing Agile

I started my career as a developer. Attention to detail, finding and fixing bugs, and also communicating well to managers and customers quickly saw me promoted to Team Lead and then to Development manager. It was in this position, on a death march project, that I realized there had to be another way and recalled a pleasant project I worked on as a developer – a scrum project. After much reading, and applying some changes, I realized that I wanted to be a scrum master and started my new agile career.

Now, a few years later I find myself guiding and mentoring others with a passion for agile. My goal remains to make the entire process from business vision to development less frustrating and more rewarding for everyone involved. I have spoken at some large Agile conferences and met some amazing people worldwide. My personal motto is ‘be brave’, and I embody this by taking on challenges one small step at a time. On weekends you can find me trail running on a mountain or being lazy on the couch with my family.

Sam’s website

Simon Bennett / LASTing Benefits

Simon is a popular speaker and has featured at many Agile (and other) conferences.  His subjects tend towards the wider organisational issues and blend in other disciplines (such as Game Theory) into the areas of Agile Contracting, Employee Motivation and Systemic Resistance to Agile & Scrum Adoption.

Simon’s website