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We have a vision of  building successful organizations through empowering people and through lightweight processes. Our team members have a depth of experience in the field of Information Technology, ranging from Consulting, System Architecture, Development Leadership to Agile Leadership, with vast experience in finance, insurance, mortgage, and offshore consulting.

Our passion for making a difference and belief that Agile Principles can bring about positive differences in any organization led us to start Conscires Agile Practices, an organization that will transform workplaces by empowering individuals at all levels by having transparency when it comes to organization successes and challenges.

We believe that Agile Principles, such as  providing utmost business values,  self organization, team empowerment, collaboration, and continual improvement, if applied with a clear vision and purpose, can make a huge difference in any type of organization.

This is behind the motto of our organization – Agile, By Choice, With a Purpose.

We also practice Agile outside of IT and we practice Agile values in running our business, and in the near future, in helping non-profit organizations.

It’s not the number of things you do, but the quality,
the efficiency of each separate action and task that count.

– Lead the Field, Earl Nightingale


Conscires’ mission is to create transparent and collaborative organizations where employees are empowered to make their own decisions and take ownership for their work. This environment will improve the overall morale of the company and boost productivity. It starts with coaching the managers to become better leaders and reducing the noise that causes competing priorities and distractions to allow these leaders to set clear goals that can easily be followed by the team.

Conscires’ philanthropic core reaches out to the community, creating a free space for Entrepreneurs to meet, hosting events within the Agile Community, and offering variable pricing depending on each person’s or company’s circumstance.

Conscires plans to create such work environments by spreading Agile/Scrum Methodology to individuals and companies through Scrum training, coaching, providing company assessments, and consulting.


To transform organizations through collaboration
within and between organizations.


Building successful organizations through empowering people
and lightweight process.


We are passionate about making a positive difference in individuals by giving space for their creativity to be expressed and nurturing people to live their passion to build successful organizations.





Conscires Team

Bachan Anand

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As the Founder of Conscires Agile Practices, Bachan has the vision to support the creation of successful organizations through people-empowerment and lightweight processes. He works with senior leadership teams to use Scrum for strategic planning and execution and firmly believes in the applicability of the Scrum approach to teams beyond software and IT.

He has spearheaded the Pay it Forward/ Donation Only Program at Conscires, where attendees quote their own price to attend a course.



Vanessa Schmidt

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Vanessa works as Creative Director here at Conscires. She handles all the logistics for the Certified Scrum Master Trainings as well as all 2 day events. She enjoys working with trainers and making sure all their needs are met to ensure the attendees and trainers have a great experience. She is the Product Owner for US operations and enjoys collaborating with her team as well as her co-workers in India.

When she is not hard at work you will find her out on the water, boating and relaxing with friends and family in Lake Havasu, AZ.


Sacha Bollinger

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Sacha does the venue & logistics for the PIF (Pay It Forward) one day trainings, but what she enjoys more is the marketing, Linked-in coming up with ideas to promote etc. She is the Director of Business Development because she truly enjoys the part of work where she’s creating ways to develop the business.