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Why is Product Visioning important?

I recently facilitated a Product Visioning Workshop in Irvine, CA at the Conscires “Work Is Good” space, in an effort to provide some hands-on tools for inspiring and promoting collaboration and innovation on teams. A shared vision is the point-of-origin for establishing a mutual goal and buy-in among team members that will lead to collaboration, self-organization, respect, and trust […]

Interview with Carlton Nettleton

This week in our series of interviews, let’s meet Carlton Nettleton, a Scrum and Agile software development expert based in San Diego. As President of Look Forward Consulting, Carlton shares his ten years of practical Agile experience consulting and mentoring teams on how to increase quality, build high- performing teams and improve performance using Scrum. Carlton […]

Interview with Lisa Montaño

In the latest of our ongoing series of interviews with Agile experts and trainers, we meet Lisa Montaño, MBA, CSM, CSPO. Lisa Montaño is based in Southern California and has over 15 years experience in start-up and entrepreneurial companies working as a business analyst and functional lead. Beginning as a Product Owner in 2008, Lisa has continued […]

Pay it Forward Panel at San Francisco Agile 2012 Conference

I would like to share some notes on the Pay It Forward (PIF) panel discussion that took place on on June 4 at the San Francisco Agile 2012 Conference. First, thank you Bachan, Jeena, and the Conscires team for doing the Pay It Forward interview of Bachan and for pulling the numbers together. I found that helpful […]

‘Pay it Forward Agile and Scrum Workshops’ – an Interview with Bachan Anand

1. What exactly is ‘Pay-it-forward Agile & Scrum workshop’ ? ‘Paying it forward – Donation only’ workshops are intended to spread awareness on Agile and Scrum, the new and delightful approach to work that encourages transparency, honesty and collaboration in the workplace. The ‘Pay it Forward’ model is our way of giving back to the […]