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Archive for April, 2012

Interview with Bachan Anand

This is the second in our series of interviews with the trainers and coaches Conscires is associated with. Click here to read all the interviews. This week we have with us Bachan Anand, founder and CEO of Conscires Agile Practices. Bachan’s vision is to support others build successful organizations through empowering people and through lightweight processes. […]

Interview with Erin Beierwaltes, Agile Coach and CSP

We are happy to run a series of interviews in this blog with people who are enthusiastic about Agile and share with others the joy of Living the Agile way. In the coming weeks, you can ‘meet’ some of the coaches and trainers Conscires is proud to be associated with.  This week we speak to Erin […]

Different ways of doing Sprint Retrospectives

The Sprint Retrospective is a meeting conducted at the end of each Sprint, in which the team discusses how they performed as a team, how the product shaped up, and what they could change or improve. Sometimes the meetings get monotonous and tiresome, even if the team members know their importance. Sprint Retrospectives can be made lively […]

Scrum for Life

By Daneille Hansen Being asked to join the Scrum world, started my new life just several months ago. It is true I am regularly looking to recreate myself and find a newer, better way of doing things. But Scrum and Agile actually encourage a regular improvement of ourselves and our work, without saying we are […]