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The Season for Scrum

My father has been retired for 25 years, but he is always very interested in hearing about the professional challenges I face, and the way that some of these issues are finally resolved by organizations. One of the comments I make to him is that I learn from Bachan every time I am with him, […]

Learning from mistakes

In our very busy lifestyle, it is not always that we pause to look back on the way we came and feel proud of both our achievements and the lessons we have learned, individually and as a group. At the dawn of 2011, Conscires was a three-member team conducting 3 trainings per month in 5 […]

7 steps to Customer Delight!

Make promises you can keep – and keep them. Keep communication open, two-way and positive. Be consistent. Be reliable. Then, be consistently reliable. Take feedback, criticism and suggestions in a positive way. Build a foundation of trust between the customer and the team. Make your team knowledgeable, friendly and available, to ensure quick responses. Better […]

The Micromanagement ‘Disease’

Definition: Micromanagement is when a manager excessively monitors every little aspect of their subordinates’ work, thereby making those workers feel that the boss is ‘breathing down their necks’. The ‘control freak’ manager gets irritated when a subordinate makes decisions without consulting them even if those decisions are totally within that subordinate’s level of authority.1 “For […]