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How Agile Projects Can Fail

Many companies who decide to go the Agile route assume it’s their salvation for cutting time and costs on a project.  That’s not always the case. The fact that members of your leadership have agreed to switch to Agile doesn’t mean the team will be on board right away. People despise change, and often resent […]

CSM Class in Boston sponsored by Conscires Agile Practices with Alan Cyment

Last Friday we completed a CSM course in the Boston area taught by Alan Cyment (CST, twitter: @acyment) and his wife Veronica acting as the class ScrumMaster. Alan and Vero live all the way in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is where I grew up! We had a great time talking about common experiences and catching up. The last […]

Real Life Agile – Where the Rubber hits the Road: An Open Space Event

With inputs from Michael Beal and Dan Tran One can’t get too much of Agile. Like everything else in life, the more you learn, the better you get at it. The beauty lies in that you learn best from practising Agile, rather than reading about it. Real Life Agile is an event where Agile enthusiasts […]