Reflections from Scrum Beyond Software event in Phoenix

By / Filed under WORK is GOOD / September 28th, 2010

Go beyond names.
Go back to values and foundation when in doubt with practices.
Think beyond words and reflect on what a word mean to you.
We can all be prisoners and be limited by the very names that made us discover our passion ( inspired by @tobiasmayer and @lyssaadkins)

When in conflict over the words, take time to reflect on the purpose.
Change starts within each person, can you be the change?
Things that matters does matter, what matters to you?
How can you take collaboration to your competition ?( inspired by Gangplank)
Strategic planning – Breath in , Breath out , Do something, Profit ( Inspired by writing on the wall)
Vision w/o action is a daydream, action w/o vision is a nightmare, vision w/ action can change the world. ( Inspired by @gerrykirk tshirt)
Express what a word mean to you in a short phrase and a picture ( inspired by @tobiasmayer)
Top tweet for the day after #sgphx was “I hate Mondays“, more reason keep the vibrations from #sgphx alive and take action.
How do you explain things that really matters to others without using names (inspired by @christse)
Instead of being the change agents helping other companies change,how about create companies that are the change.
Think big, start small, don’t’ be prisoner of your own big vision.
Time for action with passion.

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