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How to get started on a right note in your Agile journey with an assessment

Just like everything else ,it is key to start off in the right foot when you are considering  an Agile adoption in your organization. I believe a transparent assessment on where you are would go a long way in getting started on the right note . Assessment is key because it clearly paints a picture […]

Do we use our talents and purpose at work – Sir Ken Robinson

In this inspiring TED talk Sir Ken Robinson talks about how we need to start a revolution in our education system to change the linear and fast food type of mass college education to an organic system that helps the next generation evolve and find their purpose at what they do in their grown up […]

The new way of leadership- CEO Survey

What do you think will help us succeed in the new world order and market  that is deeply rooted in  open and transparent communication ,a world in which it is hard not to communicate and we are all interconnected. Companies have started embracing the new way instead of resisting it. A series of face to […]

To be a better leader give up authority – what !!

Give up authority to be a better leader, what do you think ? There are quite a few examples on how this has been effective in difficult and hard times like what we have now. This approach seems to be effectively used by leadership to get employees engaged and turn around companies in difficult times. […]

How great leaders inspire action

What makes your vision successful and inspire other people to be part of your vision? In this inspiring and meaningful TED talk ,  Simon Sinek talk about why it is important to focus and communicate WHY we do things instead to communicating what we are doing to inspire people to be part of our dream […]