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Using Scrum for Training Scrum

I was fortunate to organize and participate in a 2-day CSM class by Tobias Mayer in Orange County. It was fascinating that Tobias was using the principles, values, and practices of Agile and Scrum in order to provide an experiential training for the participants. The 2-day, experiential training was run as eight Sprints, each with a duration […]

Agile Mentoring and Coaching Circle

We started our coaching / mentoring circle last week . Many thanks to Michael Spayd for being our mentor and others who are part of this wonderful group. So far it has been an empowering and humbling experience to share , listen and receive feedback on the challenges and victories with leaders who are part […]

How can we add value to CSM Training and Certification?

There has been lot of discussions around dropping the letter C and M in the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) Training offered by Scrum Alliance, as some believe that it is misleading to certify someone as Master with only a 2 day training and an online exam. All those discussions have merit and it kept me thinking […]

More Agile stories ( outside of IT)

I was having a discussion with Tien Chiu about Agile for Non Profits and she was asking what is special about Non Profits , isn’t it more about Agile in General. Yes that is true, it is more than non profits , it’s more about Agile outside of IT  . Non Profits maybe a good […]

Agile for Non-Profits Update

April 15th 2010 Next Steps, Notes and discussion from the initial Conference  Call on Agile for Non Profits April 14th 2010 Session on Scrum for Non IT  in Brea, CA by Tobias Mayer on April 24th , click here for details April 12th 2010 Here is the response to the questionnaire on Agile for Non […]