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Tools to support Distributed Teams

Here is a link which list lot of good tools that will support distributed team become agile. Granted agile works best when co located. However in this flat world , it may not be very feasible it maybe better to start imparting agile value to an organization even if they are geographically dispersed. In this […]

Agile :: Discussion board and Resources

This is a good discussion board to follow regarding Agile Recent Forester Studies :: Recent Forrester Report on Agile Standish group study Michael Mah has done lot for research in the agile success;

How about we focus on why behind agile

In your opinion is there enough information that is being shared through coaching, books, conferences etc about why behind agile for each role and what are the benefits of agile adoption for different roles? Would this better help agile adoption? For example if you are developer, what are the advantages for your role and why […]